Signs You Need a Root Canal

A root canal is a dental procedure that may become necessary if you have severe tooth decay or damage, after certain dental procedures, and in an effort to protect a tooth. It’s not a procedure that anyone looks forward to or enjoys, but it’s a very common procedure. What are the signs that you need root canal treatment norco? Some of the most common signs that you may need a root canal can be found below.

Tooth Pain

Anyone who has ever experienced a toothache understands how excruciating it can be. If you cannot resolve the pain through conventional methods, then it may be time to schedule a root canal to stop the pain. By this time, you probably will do anything to stop the pain and discomfort.

Pain When Chewing

Maybe you don’t suffer from a toothache. That’s great. But, maybe you experience pain the moment you start chewing food. If this is a problem that you’ve experienced, you should talk to the dentist. Most people report that it feels like an intense pain or a dull ache.

Tooth Sensitivity

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Tooth sensitivity is another problem that indicates the potential need to have a root canal. Tooth sensitivity often times indicates that there is an infection in one or more of the teeth. A dental exam can reveal the cause of tooth sensitivity if it becomes problematic.

Swollen Lymph Nodes

Swollen lymph nodes are the result of an infection. It is the immune system’s way of defeating the infection. Check the nodes on each side of the neck. If they are large and tender, it may be due to a tooth infection.

There are many signs that suggest it’s time to have a root canal, including those above. If you suspect you need a root canal, schedule that appointment with the dentist right away.