What Is Genotyping And What Are Its Advantages?

Genotyping is a non-invasive and portable clinical process that tests patients for viruses and allergies.  The genotyping services developers have designed and manufactured small, portable kits that could be used by most medical practitioners as it relates to their general or specialist practice. The group services those associated with the sciences of genetics, the research thereof, the development of pharmaceutical products designed to combat or curb the onset of viruses and allergies, as well as those whose special purposes are purely diagnostic.

genotyping services

Through the use of these kits, diagnostics practitioners are able to delve deeper into their related sciences to do with developing materials designed for helping to prevent diseases, providing treatments and cures. Numerous advantages accrue to all those medical practitioners who use the kits and, of course to their patients. Allergy specialists and their clinics have a convenient testing and immunotherapy portal to utilize. This portal also allows doctors to order new allergy testing kits, as well as immunotherapy products.

They will not always need to analyze the results themselves and can order their kits to be collected and taken away for thorough testing at a designated laboratory. The test results do not need to be bounced back by courier. The doctors can simply download the allergy test results. The non-invasive finger stick sampling process is comfortable and cost-effective for the patient. Blood card collections are also cost-effective and shipping thereof is simple and timely. Those practitioners utilizing the ‘multiplexed microarray immunoassays’ are being provided with improved accuracy, precision and processing speeds.  

All testing results can be obtained within 24 hours. A larger national panel of food and environment allergens is now under the testing microscope, while testing allergens in molds, pollens, grasses, insects and animals, fruits and vegetables, nuts and seeds, proteins and stinging insects will continue unabated.